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Russel Wright Spun Aluminum Punch Set


Russel Wright spun aluminum punch set.
spun aluminum, with maple knobs.
9 cups with lidded bowl and ladle.
13 w x 13 d x 12 h inches

This is an incredible set and the finish is normal for age.

Russel Wright (1904-1976) was one of the most influential American designers of the 20th Century, a true pioneer of mid-century Modern design. Russel designed thousands of objects over his lifetime, which included home furnishings, serving accessories, light fixtures, textiles, appliances, interiors, buildings and landscapes, the most famous being his American Modern dinnerware.

His innovative designs were aimed at an easier and informal way of living. Russel, along with his wife Mary, invented lifestyle marketing and was the first designer of the 20th century to promote his own name on the products.

In the early 1930’s, Russel shifted the nation’s aesthetics towards modernism and revolutionized the way people lived. Inspired by a variety of diverse sources, he created a uniquely American style that was both elegant and informal. His early works in spun aluminum, incorporating new materials and technology, launched his career and crystallized his philosophy of “good design is for everyone”.

Today, his original works are highly prized by collectors and are a part of many museums permanent collections. Dragon Rock and Manitoga, Wright’s extraordinary home and surrounding landscape in Garrison NY, is a National Historic Landmark.

"The aluminum has a 'scratch brush' finish, (finely engraved circular lines). This finish is easy to clean with steel wool, soap and water, and if the steel wool is rubbed following the direction of the scratch brush lines, the initial luster may be preserved indefinitely- and of course because the metal is solid, and neither plated nor enameled, there is nothing to peel or chip off."

Russel Wright

information was taken from "Designs in Metal" by HK designs n.p, n.d.


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